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Inci Etiket offers a warm welcome to its customers

İnci Etiket was established in 1965 in Cagaloglu, within the heart of the Istanbul printing industry. Our founder, Mr. Halil İnci started his printing career in the early 1950's working in the Crystal book binding house with Zeki Atamer. Having become adept at producing books by hand he decided to acquire the new skills of graphic design from the artist Mr. Sotiri. Following on from this Mr. Halil Inci mastered the techniques of printing labels, stickers and embossing from Mr Izidor Israel Levi. He became a master craftsman at mold making and shaping the metal printing blocks by using specialist hand tools.

In the early 1960's he started working in Tükel printing house to acquire the knowledge of how to operate various printing and paper cutting machines. After years of accumulating printing skills, he finally bought his own machine from Alaaddin Kral printing house in 1965. Mr. Halil Inci started his new business in Cagaloglu's famous printing district Cemal Nadir Sokak to produce his own original style of labels and stickers.

His attention to details and creative designs gained him a notoriety within the printing community and soon he had to increase the number of machines to cope with the large amount of orders he was receiving. The textile, glass and medicine industries were his main customers. He produced millions of stickers for companies such as Vakko, Eczacıbaşı and Güllüoğlu which have become well known names today in Turkey.

Today Inci etiket is still a major printing company and specialises in producing printed paper products. Disposable tissue paper coasters and paper cup lids (glass covers) are the main products that are produced by combining current technology and old mold preparation techniques.

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